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"Fungi Minis" is a collection of holographic stickers featuring exclusive chibi characters born from our whimsical imagination. Dive into the fantasy world inspired by magical mushrooms, where each sticker brings these adorable characters to life with a dazzling touch.


(๑>◡<๑) Meet "Mauvelarka," inspired by the mauve splitting wax-cap, a whimsical forest sprite who delights in concealing herself within the leaf litter. With a twin brother, she weaves enchanting spells, blending the grace of butterfly with the diligence of bee to craft her faithful guardians.


Sticker size: (approximately) 6 cm X 7 cm


  • Original creation and hand-cut with love.
  • Holographic laminated: With a rainbow-like shine, the sticker has a protective overlay, guarding against scratches and tears.
  • Waterproof and durable: Ideal for any smooth surfaces both indoor and outdoor.
  • Fantastic additions to journals, laptops, cellphones, mugs, water bottles and more.


* The color of the products may vary slightly due to differences in monitor settings.

Fungi Minis - "Mauvelarka"

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