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About Us

Tammi and Annis have been friends for almost ten years, and bonded over our shared interests and values. As our friendship grew, we discovered our mutual passion for creating art and games and decided to start a studio together.

( ◕▿◕ )   What does TATA mean?   ( ◕▿◕ )

 ❤ T : Tammi 

❤ A: Annis 

These initials aren't just average letters; they're a powerhouse, a superhero symbol of our unbreakable bond. When they tag team, they create 'TA,' which, in Chinese, stands for "她", "他", "它" meaning 'she,' 'he,' and 'it' all at once! Imagine the power of unity, the hug of diversity, and the dance of inclusivity all rolled into 'TA.' It's not just a pronoun; it's a lively celebration to each unique identity and form of existence. So much more than letters, each 'TA' carries a piece of us, making it a sprinkle of extra special magic.


Tammi (Mascot of the Studio)

  • Rookie Artist, enjoys bringing characters to life

  • Recently fell head over heels for ink drawing

  • Happy and lazy in nature

  • A grumpy ISTP

  • Tammi's brain worths a hundred million

  • Anime, manga, and game otaku, figure collector

  • Always sleepy club member, and sleeps among plushies

  • Bunny lover

  • Tea is running in her blood vein

  • Life without meat, potato chips and cakes is a life half-lived

  • Rookie gamer, loves platformers and Action RPGs

  • Favorite games: Dead Cells, Hades, Touhou Projects, Monster Hunter, FF VII, Devil May Cry, Wolong, Little Nightmares, Mad Father


Annis (Brain of the Studio)

  • Talented Artist, enjoy all kinds of drawing, especially landscapes

  • Special love for watercolor painting

  • Always Calm and Rational: While Tammi is the hurricane, Annis is the eye of the storm 

  • Not just an observer but an INFJ

  • Always up to new things

  • Kitty lover

  • Huge fan of Harry Potter

  • Tea is running in her blood vein

  • Love reading, and writing journals

  • Life without veggies and fruits is just not the same

  • Watch animes sometimes

  • Gamer, plays all kinds of games

  • Favorite games: The Binding of Issac, Danganronpa, Homesick, Atelier, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, Yakuza

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Our Big Dreams

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Based on our personal experience, we want to create indie games that not only bring pure joy and entertainment to players but also create meaningful connections among players. We value genuine friendships, promote fairness for females facing challenges in the gaming industry, and provide supportive feelings for newcomers and international students struggling with culture shock. Our games are designed to promote cultural exchange and inspire inclusivity to give players an immersive and uplifting experience.

Happy Together

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