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(♡°▽°♡) Original creation with love and passion

(♡°▽°♡) We LOVE capybaras! We hope this cute, gentle, and endearing creature brings you as much joy and as many smiles as they bring to us.


  • Size: (approximately) 58mm
  • (☆ω☆) Unique Overlay Techniques: The button surface is enhanced with different overlay techniques including shimmering overlays, holographic rainbow patterns, and cross light patterns, adding a magical touch to each design. 
  • Made from durable materials, this pin is designed to last and keep its vibrant overlays and capybara images intact over time. 
  • Perfect for backbags, totes, shirts and more
  • A wonderful gift for friends, family, or anyone who loves cute and comfy accessories
  • With various designs to choose from, you can mix and match to create your own personalized collection


* The color of the products may vary slightly due to differences in monitor settings.

Capybara! - Button Pins with Shiny Overlay

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