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We create adorable chibi characters in a delightful anime style, tailored to your preferences!


We can offer you:

  • Original Characters
  • From your photo
  • Anime Characters
  • Game Characters
  • Animal/monstrous Characters 


We are eager to bring your vision to life! We are open to exploring various ideas and concepts.

Once we begin our collaboration, we will carefully consider all your preferences and incorporate them into the initial sketch. Before proceeding with the final colored artwork, we will provide you with a rough sketch for your approval. 


Please, email us first before putting you order!

Delivery and work time may vary depending on the situation and demand!


Please note that an additional fee will be applied for any requests involving the addition of accessories, extra characters, intricate backgrounds, source files, or commercial use of the artwork. These factors require additional time and effort on our part to ensure the highest quality and meet your specific requirements. We strive to be transparent about our pricing structure and will provide you with the relevant details and cost estimates before proceeding with any additional elements or usage rights.

Customized Chibi Character

PriceFrom C$100.00
Excluding GST/HST
    • Full-detailed chibi: Well-designed details, multi-color, well-developed shadows
    • PNG File: 1024 * 1024 px
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